About Us

The Lombard Company:
Constructing the Future from a Solid Past

Founded in 1956 by Michael A. Lombard and his son, George, The Lombard Company has provided the Chicagoland area with quality construction for over six decades. The family owned and operated business is in its third generation of leadership, with Michael G., John, and Daniel Lombard. Six decades later, the fourth generation of Lombards has joined our family business.

The Lombard Company has become a leader in the industry because of its full service capabilities and commitment to customer satisfaction. They are more than capable of taking a project from inception to completion while performing at a consistent level well above industry standards. As company co-founder George Lombard noted, “The Lombard Company has been fortunate from the very beginning to work with a loyal, talented group of employees that enabled the company to tackle projects that amazed many in the industry, all the while building relationships that have continued on for many years.”

The Lombard Company began to incorporate the use of architectural precast concrete panels into the design of the industrial buildings it was constructing. The work in precast concrete resulted in the birth of an affiliated company called Lombard Architectural Precast Products Company (LAPPCO). Seeing the great potential precast concrete products held in terms of versatility, design, and economy, LAPPCO became one of the first in the area to manufacture precast panels. Today, LAPPCO is one of the premier architectural precast concrete manufacturers in the state.