Letter From the President

Letter From The President

Change. We all live in a world of change. Social. Political. Economic. Environmental. Technological. To survive, or better yet, to thrive in a world of continuous change you need to be both adaptable and versatile.  One test of your ability to handle all this change is the test of time.  Our family business, The Lombard Company, was founded in 1956 by my grandfather, Michael, and father, George. Now over six decades later, the fourth generation of Lombards is part of our family business. The test of time.

Our success can be attributed to our many valued and loyal employees who have worked hard over all these years to help build our company’s reputation as a leader in the Chicagoland construction industry. We consider each of them to be part of our extended family.

We have also been very fortunate to have been associated with many clients who have entrusted us with their building needs for these many years.

In our world of continuous change, people look for something constant, something that will allow them to build a bridge between a solid past and a bright future. The Lombard Company is that constant in a world of change.

Micheal Lombard