65th Anniversary

General Contractor Stays on Top with Family Support

--8fW4wuaMN3aRXkSL8nyZswYPTmbuY33PE 1fiiPfSEg=When you have talented people stacked up like cordwood it comes as no surprise that a company is extraordinarily successful. When they’re family, that’s even better!

Michael Lombard, P.E. is the president of Lombard Co. His brother Daniel, also a professional engineer (P.E.) and serves as executive vice president and Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO). Yet a third brother, John, serves as executive vice president and Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Their interests are divergent enough that they have managed to divvy up the company into three primary areas in which they are each experts. Daniel handles estimating & contracting; Michael handles field operations; and John is a CPA, and takes care of the financial concerns.

John, Mike, and Dan are the third generation to run The Lombard Company. They are joined by the fourth generation – Mike’s sons Ryan and Adam. It may have started with their grandfather Michael and his son George in 1956, but the future continues to look bright for this family business.

The key to success, other than surrounding themselves with highly competent professionals, is the fact that The Lombard Company is led by two Professional Engineers. They’re willing to work with the property owners and design teams; they enthusiastically attend project meetings and visit job sites; and knowing the lingo of the architects, designers, and engineers puts everyone at ease.